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  • Book: International Marketing
  • Author: Pervez Ghauri, Philip R. Cateora
  • Number of pages: 682
  • E-book file-sizes: 8.18 – 28.14 Mb

Now in its fourth edition this successful introduction to international marketing has been thoroughly revised, updated and developed throughout to reflect the most recent developments in today’s dynamic business environment. Contemporary, engaging, and accessible, International Marketing is essential reading for the aspiring practitioner. You will discover: the importance of international marketing to creating growth and value; the management practices of companies, large and small, seeking market opportunities outside their home country; why international marketing management strategies should be viewed from a global perspective; the role of emerging economies in today’s business environment; and the impact of increased competition, changing market structures, and differing cultures upon business. Key Features: an extensive collection of in-depth Case Studies focus upon a diverse range of companies from around the world and are designed to apply understanding and provoke debate; ‘Going International’ vignettes go beyond the theory and demonstrate international marketing in real life with contemporary and engaging examples; further Reading sections have been designed to reflect both the most influential and the most recent studies relating to each chapter acting as a spring board to further study. Features: key Terms are highlighted where they first appear and define in the margin for ease of reference to aid understanding. A full Glossary is also provided at the end of the book and online. A new chapter in response to reviewer feedback dedicated to International Segmentation and Positioning. Professor Pervez Ghauri teaches International Marketing and International Business at King’s College London. He has been Editor-in-Chief of International Business Review since 1992 and editor (Europe) for the Journal of World Business, since 2008.

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