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  • Book: Managing your Workforce
  • Author: Dave Berkus
  • Number of pages: 96
  • E-book file-sizes: 1.15 – 3.96 Mb

How do you become a better manager? What are the most important things you should do to get the most from your work force? Can you operate a virtual office? What should you consider when hiring from competition? This is one of a series of eight short, easy to read books from the Small Business Success Collection, containing actionable insights from Dave Berkus, nationally recognized successful entrepreneur, angel investor and board member, serving over forty companies. Dave tells stories of successes and failures – of strategies that worked, and those that didn’t. He offers his insights for your business success based upon his many experiences. Reading this book, and others in the series, will make you a better visionary, manager, and leader! (Newly expanded second edition.)

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