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  • Book: Principles of Marketing (Classic Reprint)
  • Author: Fred E. Clark
  • Number of pages: 586
  • E-book file-sizes: 7.03 – 24.18 Mb

Excerpt from Principles of MarketingThe purpose of this book is to treat of the nature of the marketing process, viewing the market structure as a whole and analyzing marketing problems and the devices used in solving them. In doing this I have tried to discuss the most fundamental of the problems and principles involved. Descriptive material has been used when it seemed essential to the illustration of principles, and economic theory has been introduced wherever it would promote the discussion of particular points.The form of treatment is functional. But sufficient informational material has been introduced, early in the book, to give a background from which to develop the functional approach. With this in view the first two chapters discuss the general nature of marketing and introduce the marketing functions. Chapters III-V discuss the problems, methods, and machinery used in marketing farm products. Chapter VI treats of the marketing of raw materials. Since many of the problems found in marketing raw materials are similar to those involved in marketing farm products, the treatment here is from the buying rather more than from the selling point of view. In the four chapters which follow, the marketing of manufactured products is discussed. Two chapters are then devoted to retailing and one to cooperative distribution. Chapter XIV serves a double purpose. In it is discussed the general topic of the elimination of middlemen, and at the same time it serves indirectly as a convenient summary of previous chapters. This summarization prepares the reader for the discussion of the specific functions and problems which comprises the remainder of the book.This method of presentation is a development of several years’ experience in teaching marketing.About the PublisherForgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at

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